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Healthy Humans Hendry-Glades wants to help everyone become a Healthy Human. By learning and making the right choices today, you will be better equipped to handle difficult challenges and adapt to changes. Maintaining your wellness is a lifelong, daily commitment and we have resources, tools, and tips to help you along the way.

Being in good health is more than the absence of illness or disease. Your physical and mental wellness goes towards your overall health, which is also impacted by your financial security and spiritual and social wellbeing. To become a Healthy Human, you should focus on caring for both your body and mind. To accomplish a healthy body and a healthy mind, you must make self-care a priority to become a Healthy You.

Physical Health

Physical health means practicing an active, balanced lifestyle to potentially decrease the risk of illness or disease, as well as any potential complications. Maintaining your physical wellness includes:
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Mental &
Emotional Health

Your mental and emotional health is impacted by how you perceive the world around you and process the information you receive, as well as your awareness of your emotions and feelings. Part of mental health is being able to think clearly, make good decisions, cope with stress, and manage your emotions. Maintaining your mental and emotional wellness includes:

Spiritual &
Social Health

Spiritual and social health focus on how you connect with the world around you. Your spiritual health is determined by how you connect with things greater than yourself, such as a higher power, nature, art and/or humanity. Your social health concentrates on your relationships with other people, as well as how you adapt to social situations. Maintaining your emotional wellness includes:
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Financial Health

Financial health affects not only your daily life, but also your future. Feeling secure in your financial wellness reduces stress, giving you the freedom to make choices and the ability to handle emergency situations. Maintaining your financial wellness includes: