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2024 Florida Sales Tax Holidays

Earlier this year, the Florida Legislature proposed a number of tax relief measures to alleviate the financial strain on Florida families during inflation and keep our state affordable for its citizens. Signed by Governor DeSantis, several of these savings include sales tax holidays over the next few months. Save the dates below to your calendar and plan before you buy this summer, knowing that these tax holidays are designed to help you save.

Disaster Preparedness Holidays

June 1 – 14
August 24 – September 6

Beginning June 1 through the 14th, families can purchase qualifying items to prepare for hurricane season and other emergency situations. A second period of tax exemption starts on August 24 and runs through September 6. These eligible supplies you can purchase without sales tax include:

  • Reusable Ice Packs (under $20)
  • Self-powered light sources (under $40), including candles, flashlights, and lanterns.
  • Gas and fuel containers (under $50)
  • Batteries, excluding automobile and boat batteries (under $50)
  • Portable radios, including two-way and weather (under $50)
  • Coolers and ice chests (under $60)
  • Portable power banks (under $60)
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms (under $70)
  • Bungee cords, ground anchor systems, ratchet straps, and tie-down kits (under $100)
  • Tarps, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths, and other waterproof sheeting (under $100)

Additionally, you can stock up on needed items for evacuation supplies for your family pet during both periods. These items include:

  • Canned pet food (under $10 per can)
  • Litter pans and pet waste disposal bags (under $15)
  • Travel food and water bowls and manual can openers (under $15)
  • Collars, leashes, and pet pads (under $20)
  • Cat litter up to 25 pounds (under $25)
  • Pet beds (under $40)
  • Bags of dry food under 50 pounds (under $100)
  • Pet carriers and kennels (under $100)
  • Over-the-counter pet medications (under $100)

Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday

July 1 – 31

Starting July 1, Florida families can purchase items without sales tax that can increase summer fun, such as admission into events, outdoor supplies, and more. The list of eligible items includes:

  • Admissions to events from July 1 – December 31, 2024, such as live concerts, sports events, movies, museums, state parks, and more.
  • Annual passes to museums and state parks, and season tickets for live performances
  • Boating and water activity supplies, such as goggles, life jackets, floats, canoes, water skis, and more.
  • Camping supplies like lanterns, sleeping bags, tents and more.
  • Electric scooters (under $500)
  • Fishing items such as bait, tackle boxes, rods, and more.
  • General outdoor items like insect repellant, bicycles, binoculars, and more.
  • Pool supplies like filters, cleaning chemicals, and more.

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

July 29 – August 11

The summer break never lasts as long as we hope, and pretty soon it will be time to get kids ready for school again. Take advantage of the 2024 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday beginning on July 29 to save on eligible supplies, including the items below:

  • Certain clothing items and accessories like shoes, backpacks, and more (under $100)
  • Learning aids such as flashcards, puzzle books, and more (under $30)
  • Personal computers and related accessories (under $1,500)
  • School supplies such as binder, crayons, notebooks, pencils and more (under $50)

Tool Time Sales Tax Holiday

September 1 – 7

During the first week in September, you can purchase eligible tools and equipment without incurring sales tax. These qualifying items include:

  • Work gloves and boots
  • Hand tools, rakes, and shovels
  • Toolboxes, belts, and hard hats
  • Ladders
  • Power tools and more

Sales Tax Holidays Ending Soon

In addition to the 2024 Sales Tax Holidays, there are two others that are ending soon: the ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday and the Home Hardening Sales Tax Exemption.

The ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday began on July 1, 2023, and will end on June 30, 2024. During this holiday, you can purchase eligible ENERGY STAR® appliances without paying sales tax. Some of these qualifying items include:

  • Refrigerators (under $4,500)
  • Washing Machines and Dryers (under $1,500)
  • Water Heaters (under $1,500)

The Home Hardening Sales Tax Exemption period is from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2024. During this time, you can purchase qualifying supplies, including impact-resistant doors, garage doors, and windows, to help protect and fortify your home.

To learn more about sales tax holidays, the Florida Department of Revenue has a dedicated webpage that includes additional information, as well as a downloadable calendar.


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